LP released: Jun 02, 2023

Label: ESCHO
Cat No: ESC182
Barcode: 5056321695116
Packaging: LP

Puyain Sanati is a Danish-Iranian, Copenhagen-based composer and sound artist. Hailing from a background in more dance-oriented club music he now also works within the field of electroacoustic and abstract music. Influenced by improvisation and ritual music, he has been delving into his artistic research on the subject of ‘ancient traditions with today’s electronic possibilities’, utilising hypnotic rhythms and soundscapes to map out some kind of bigger universal language, perhaps bridging a wider human consciousness. Nafas Morte is the title of Puyain Sanati’s new album and Farsi for 'final breath'. As with all undulations of breath, nothing here is constant. The 5 tracks work as cinematic soundscapes to an array of possible narratives - personal, universal, or abstract - all of which centre around notions of rituals and tragedy. With a generous and candid approach 'Nafas Morte' sonically illustrates these complex subjects in a poetic and non-grid manner. According to Sanati, the album is an exploration of rituals of grief, loss, and the transcendence that follows. Emitting a faint hubbub holding a likeness to crowds or reverberating machinery the record oscillates between moments of build-up and release — implemental for mirroring the flow and pace of our world. With elements akin to ambient, industrial, drone, kosmische, and musique concrète, Sanati utilises a range of technical approaches, including experiments with electronic processing and acoustic sources, side by side and together. Choral harmonies, flute and the santoor effortlessly weave together into the tapestry of sound. All these sources, overlapping layers, textures, and tempos somehow feel dense yet light at the same time. Death is change. And with its intrinsic beauty it trickles through the veins of this album, beckoning the listener to ponder the state of transition