LP released: Jun 02, 2023

Side A
1. Glaring Dark Of Night
2. Momentary Actuality
3. Departure In Solitude
4. Creating The Devil In Our Image
5. The Song At Creation's End
Side B
1. No Temple
2. Terminal Lucidity
3. Language Of The Stars
4. Dim Morning Light
5. Blossom
Cat No: PROS105711
Barcode: 656191057110
Packaging: LP Regular

This time two years ago, Pupil Slicer were preparing for the release of their debut album,
Mirrors, with zero expectations of where it could take them. The breakneck speed with
which Pupil Slicer were not only accepted but celebrated by the metal scene - both at home
and abroad - took the band by surprise.
As 2023 starts to unfold, it is a more mature, more considered version of Pupil Slicer that
stands before us brandishing their sophomore album: Blossom. Blossom is a hard science
fiction/cosmic horror concept album with central themes of abject despair, reincarnation
and a fascination of hell. An intense month in the studio with producer Lewis Johns has led
to a cohesive and confident sounding album that embraces ethereal singing, electronic
breakdowns, and bold experimentation - without ever losing sight of their core tenets.
Drawing from influences as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Deafheaven, Radiohead, and
Deftones, Pupil Slicer have moulded an album that is effervescent with passion but doesn’t
shy away from a good hook and a catchy chorus.
Through darkness and despair, there is always - at the very least - a glimmer of light in all
that they do. Blossom is an album that benefits from being digested as a whole, but within
this body of work there are gems that stand out, demonstrating that the future is extremely
bright for Pupil Slicer. They’re only just getting started.

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