CD released: Jul 28, 2023

1. Nothing Else Matters
2. The Archer
3. Galloping
4. Molly, My Dear!
5. Walls
6. Carry On
7. I Am Not A Traveler
8. Contented
9. Who I'm Meant To Be
10. Get Along Lil' Doggies
11. Earthly Syndication
Cat No: PCR985CD
Barcode: 793888875081
Packaging: CD Sleeve

Why fiddle and voice?
They say the fiddle is the instrument that most resembles the human voice. It’s like I get to
sing three part harmony with myself, preparing to be able to play the songs with others.
I have played violin as long as I can remember… it changed to fiddle in college after being
inspired by so many great fiddle players I ran into at camps and festivals.
About a decade ago, when I first heard Bruce Molsky, I remember vividly listening to his
album, Soon Be Time over and over, and then going down a rabbit hole to watch videos of
him playing and singing at the same time. Then, as I saw others perform in this way, notably
Tim O’Brien, Laura Cortese, it would continually floor me. The way the two voices weave as
one. The threads of the double stops often accounted for two unique voices, lifting the
authenticity of the lyrics. I could feel the lyrics, so vulnerable and exposed, cut through.
I was scared to perform this way for years, finally giving it a go in a situation where I was
asked to perform and my band members were unavailable.
I have always felt that as a musician I want to have strength as a collaborator… Now I am
realizing that requires a musician to be able to carry the song alone. If you can feel the
groove, the chords, the melody and the meaning all at once, then it makes it easier for
others to connect to the song, and lift it up.
How is this album a natural progression for you at this point in your career?
For years, I have been fortunate enough to play with some extremely talented collaborators.
My hope is that never ends, and that this album gives me the chance to learn how to stand
firmly on my own two feet, rooted in the song in my heart, calling in friends and
collaborators with the resonance of my spirit as naturally as they appear in my life.

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