2LP released: May 05, 2023

1. Where The Money Flows
2. Floated By
3. Soulless Friends
4. Vishnu <3
5. Memory Box 6. Freezing
6. Heera
7. I´M This
8. Remain In Me
9. Shit I´M Dreaming
10. We´Regettingmarried (Secret Track On Vinyl Only)

If discovering your favourite new band via a 'Best Of' feels a curious premise, then 'Bismillah' does more than hint towards the promise of Peter Cat Recording Co's future. Blending gypsy jazz, psychedelic cabaret, space disco, bossa supernova, Bollywood and uneasy listening with kaleidoscopic ease, in many senses, the band's knack hasn't altered. Always different, paradoxical, unpredictable yet somehow familiar. The new album opens to the strains of bird chatter, the whisper of a city's soundscape and the first few notes from an instrument which seem to be calling us to the departure lounge, a fore-shadow of the flight 'Bismillah' launches its listener on. Suryakant sings with the detached, rueful elegance of Sinatra marooned on a desert island, whilst his band create small space-time capsules which navigate their way through genres and eras - including the future - and between nostalgia and eccentricity. A cat might have nine lives, but on 'Bismillah' and beyond, Peter Cat Recording Co. are hinting towards an un- knowable multitude of dimensions. Throw them all together, and it equates less to a listening experience and more to an out-of-body experience.