LP released: Mar 29, 2024

Side A
1. Silent Solitude
2. Gem Of The Ocean
3. Doubt
4. Not Go Home
5. You Can Talk
Side B
1. Days Of Thunder
2. Walking Rain
3. Hunting Points
4. Jaguar
5. The Seasons

The upcoming album Transformations has been a long time coming and the band sees it as the amalgamation of the
members' personal journeys. Dealing with mental health and addiction as well as inner healing and transformation, the album offers a
profound yet joyous expression of freedom and change. In an effort to further develop on the band's dedication to openness and
personal freedom of expression, Aves has teamed up with screenwriter Tim Koomen (Bloodrave) and director Inka Rusi (Onerva
Pictures) to write music for the feature film Neon Cross. The film, which is currently in pre-production, deals with the harrowing topic
of conversion therapy and advocates for LGBTQIA+ representation and rights.