3LP released: Feb 23, 2024

Side A
1. Opening
2. The Pride Of Hiigara
3. Tanis Base
4. Vaygr Bombers Approaching
5. Assault On Chimera
6. Vaygr Invasion
7. Transports En Route
8. Transports Under Attack
9. Captain Soban
10. Hiigara Under Siege
Side B
1. Sarum
2. The Bentusi Arrive
3. Sajuuk'S Identity
4. Outskirts Of Gehenna
5. Inhibitors
6. Vaygr Battle Theme
7. Oracle Located
8. Gehenna
Side C
1. Into The Dust
2. The Oracle
3. The Karos Graveyard
4. Movers Emerge
5. The Movers Attack
6. Awoken
7. The Lighthouse
8. Progenitor Derelict
9. Derelicts
10. The Progenitors
11. Dreadnought Berth
Side D
1. The Guardian
2. The Heart Of The Graveyard
3. The Keeper
4. Ancient Technology
5. Counterattack
6. Taken To Thaddis Sabbah
7. Soban Captured
8. Keepers Of Sajuuk
9. Sacrifice
10. The First Core
11. Rescue Mounted
12. Vaygr Approach
13. Thaddis Sabban
14. The Path To Sajuuk
15. The Bentsui Foresaw This
Side E
1. Point Of No Return
2. Sajuuk-khar
3. Battle For Sajuuk (Original)
4. Battle For Sajuuk (Remixed)
5. Core Transfer
6. Balcora
7. The Trinity
8. The Planet Killers
Side F
1. The Age Of S'Jet
2. Credits
3. The Eye Of Aaran (Unreleased)
4. The House Of S'Jet (Unreleased)
5. The Megalith (Unreleased)
6. Trinity Ambience (Unreleased)

Series composer Paul Ruskay was left largely to his own devices in crafting the now iconic sound of Homeworld. He took diverse
inspiration from Vangelis' score for Blade Runner, Brian Eno, and the sampling of traditional instruments from all over the globe by
Algerian DJ Cheb i Sabbah. For the subsequent Homeworld titles, Ruskay moved towards rich, live recorded instruments, including
elegant but intense strings, and traditional Indian singing and instrumentation.
During the Homeworld Remastered Collection restoration process, Ruskay dug out the original music DAT tapes out of a shoe box,
dusted off decade-old Pro Tool Studio sessions, and had uncompressed versions made of all tracks. Tracks were then mindfully
remixed and sequenced.

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