LP released: Jun 17, 2022

Cat No: SHIMMY-2012LP-C1
Barcode: 602309894092
Packaging: LP Regular

It's time to revisit PAUL L[;:ARV's 1992 debut solo LP - the avalanche of sound he titled T??[;: ??ISTORY Or= DOGS,
"Revisited" here with two additional tracks that did not appear on the original LPr including one that will soon appear as the firsf video rrom the C.P, "SP [;:[;:DO MAN". You won't believe your eyes. Believe me.
This 1992 LP was WAY ahead of its time. Original Ii released on Roush Trade Records during the glory days of t3utthole Surfers crash course across the stages of every music festival criss-crossing the globe, this is zany, complex, unhinged, and sometimes just gloriously weird music, but it also features some of the most catchy indie pop music anthems you'll ever hear, and certainly far catchier than anything you'd ever hear from the BS catalog of psychedelic hysteria.
Listen to "The Birds Are Dying", or "r=:ine ??ome", and then try to say that PAUL L[;:ARY isn't one of the most gifted s ng writers/producers of the late 20th century? This indispens able LP reissue (Re-Mastered in 2021 y aul and Shim my-Disc founder Kramer) is a wondrous time capsule that brings us back in time to where we all were 30 years ago, firm in our belief that there simply wasn't another band anywhere on earth like Butthole ??urfers, and firm in the belief that the band's driving musical force, PAUL L[;:ARV, like his partner Gibby ??aynes, was one of those
once-in-a-lifetime talents that just couldn't be ignored. These two were a force-of-nature. Tnat great band may be in hibernation, but...stay tuned.