LP released: Jan 26, 2024

Side A
1. Resonate
2. Too Young
3. It Hurts Me
4. Down By You
5. Don't You Think It'd Be Nice
6. You Make It Right
Side B
1. Moving Along
2. Minor Miracles
3. Ok
4. As The World Turns
5. No One Else

PAPOOZ is set to release their fourth album, "RESONATE". The eleven tracks on the album showcase Papooz's ability to
venture into both rock and pop, fueled by their gift for melodies that go straight to the heart, finely crafted lyrics carried by the
sublimely androgynous voices of Armand and Ulysse, and an irresistible, joyful, and nonchalant groove.
While alternating between laughter and tears, melancholy and hedonism, ballads and calls to dance, introspection and letting go, with
the same ease and spontaneity. Like life resonating within each of us, in essence. For this album, Ulysse and Armand changed their
way of writing for the first time, enlisting the help of Jesse Harris, an American songwriter known for his work with Melody Gardot,
Gabi Hartman, and Norah Jones. They then finalized and refined the songs from these writing sessions with producer Patrick
Wimberly. Formerly of Chairlift, Wimberly is the sought-after producer who has worked with artists like Blood Orange, MGMT,
Solange, Cola Boyy, and recently on Lil Yatchi's incredible rap opera.

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