CD released: Apr 14, 2023

1. Want You Back
2. New Suede Shoes
3. Never Let You Go
4. Attention
5. Say My Name
6. Don't You Wanna
7. Horsegirl
8. Green Eyes
9. Better Off
10. Winner
11. Vagabond
Cat No: 66980CD
Barcode: 793888866980
Packaging: CD Regular

"Horsegirl" is the newest sampling of music from singer/songwriters Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell - otherwise known the band Overcoats - whose previous albums YOUNG and The Fight effortlessly combined indie rock, sparse electronic pop, and folk to critical acclaim.
Much of the new music they've been working on has been informed by a series of losses and upheavals in Elion and Mitchell's lives. "When you fall off the horse, you can either admit defeat or declare yourself a winner and get back up again," says Elion. "And whether or not you actually believe you're winning, there's something powerful about calling yourself a winner in a very defiant way." Overcoats channel that defiant spirit in "Horsegirl," a kinetic yet sweetly languid piece that precisely captures the paradox of longing for connection while yearning to be free. "It's about that feeling of wanting to wander instead of being tied down or tamed," says Elion. "But the point is that we're not horse girls-we're the horse itself."
"This was one of those special songs that really came together in a day," continues the band. "We had come to LA from NY to work on songs for our record. Lately we've had to travel to make music, and that feeling of being away from home tends to creep into the songs. There was a really specific mood we were trying to capture; of the wanderlust of travel, of adventure, of being on your own - and then the nostalgia you feel once you're back home. Being torn between wanting to run free but also settle down, in relationships and in our careers as musicians. "

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