UNK released: Nov 25, 2022

Disc 1 : Cathedral In The Pines
1. Cathedral In The Pines
2. Especially For You
3. Wishing Will Make It So
4. Midnight
5. Billy
6. For Tonight
7. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh
8. Stop! It's Wonderful
9. If I Knew Then
10. Pinch Me
11. Would Ja Mind
12. Drifting And Dreaming
13. At The Balalaika
14. You'd Be Surprised
15. If I Could Be The Dummy On Your Knee
16. Apple Blossoms And Chapel Bells
17. Irene
18. Where Do I Go From You?
19. My Resistance Is Low
20. If You Love Me
21. Go Way, Can't You See I'm Dreaming
22. Them There Eyes
23. Your Flag And Mine
24. Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees)
25. I Love Ya, I Betcha
26. You've Got What It Takes
Disc 2 : Li'l Abner
1. Li'l Abner
2. Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of
3. You're The One For Me
4. You Didn't Steal That Kiss
5. Aren't You Gonna' Kiss Me Goodnight
6. Georgia On My Mind
7. Two Hearts That Pass In The Night
8. You Can Depend On Me
9. Do I Worry?
10. A Stone's Throw From Heaven
11. You Betcha My Life
12. Hi, Neighbor!
13. As We Walk Into The Sunset
14. She Don't Wanna
15. Dear Mom
16. Tangerine
17. Full Moon
18. There Are Rivers To Cross (Before We Meet Again)
19. (darling, Darling) Just Make Love To Me
20. Love On A Greyhound Bus
21. Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love
22. The Moon Is Always Bigger On Saturday
23. Everybody Loves My Baby
24. Medley - Powder Your Face With Sunshine, Lavender Blue
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Barcode: 824046345129
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Orrin Tucker was a saxophonist, singer and bandleader who had his heyday during the late 1930s and into the '40s, and whose orchestra played in the popular "sweet" style of the era, broadly favouring a relaxed style of swing, using featured vocalists to present popular standards and new compositions of the day.