2LP released: Jun 19, 2020

Disc 1 : Powers Of Ten
1. Powers Of Ten
2. Ghost Moons
Disc 2 : Overview Effect
1. Overview Effect
2. Control Subsystem
Disc 3 : Hopeful Galaxy
1. Hopeful Galaxy
2. Gravity Knots
Disc 4 : Spring On Jupiter
1. Spring On Jupiter
2. Star Scaping

As Ociya, hardware freaks Tin Man (Johannes Auvinen) and Patricia (Max Ravitz), come together in unholy acid matrimony on a definitive double-album, Powers Of Ten. Over a prolific run of records for Acid Test and his own Global A, Auvinen has expounded upon the promise of "Nonneo" (named one of Resident Advisor's 2010-19: Tracks Of The Decade), unearthing new, emotional vistas from the Roland TB-303. Ravitz, meanwhile, matches Tin Man in studio ethic, establishing himself as one of North America's hardware masters on records for Ghostly and Opal Tapes. What couldn't have predicted is how well the parts merge. Cuts like "Ghost Moons" channel the hazy IDM legacies of the past, while "Hopeful Galaxy" mixes a plaintive Rhodes motif with a hopeful 303 line for the perfect "tears on the dance floor" cut. The track titles on Power Of Ten -- a perfect melodic techno LP generously spread across two records -- are celestially minded ("Gravity Knots", "Star Scraping") and indeed, the cosmic metaphor is apt or the newly-formed duo. On Powers Of Ten, Tin Man's acid lines rocket through space like brilliant, shooting stars. His signature orchestral acid moments are given the perfect backdrop, the nebula of Patricia's rich atmospherics and melodies. The album was recorded live to 2-track in Patricia's studio in New York, no edits.