CD released: Dec 15, 2023

1. Mortality Of The Seas
2. Kingdom Of Corruption
3. Die Alone
4. Strike To Kill
5. Calling All Sinners
6. Prayers
7. March Of The Damned
8. Legacy Of The Dead
9. Conspiracy
10. The Message
11. Sky Ritual
12. Merciless Death Feat. Don Doty
13. Neon Knights Feat. Ronnie Romero
Cat No: 436372
Barcode: 4056813610765
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

NIMROD is a Thrash Metal band which is around since 1985, founded by guitarist Chris Ira. In
1988 their first Demo-Tape 'Time of Changes' was released. In 1990 they got their first record
deal, but the album was never released due different reasons in and outside the band. Chris
was frustrated about the whole situation and left the band for some years. In 2004 the band
decided to release the old demo remastered with some unreleased studio tracks and live
recordings, before another break was done. Five years later Chris decided that it is time to
reform the beast and started a new chapter under the name NIMROD B.C. After their
comeback, they played festivals in South America with bands like TWISTED SISTER,
VOIVOD, MORBID ANGEL among others. Their album 'God Of War And Chaos' from 2017
brought them back into the spotlight. The album features new vocalist Gary Wayne. Now in
2023 it’s time for the next strike. To do this, Chris gathered his old gang and new friends
around him and produced and mastered the album. The mix was done by Darren Carikas.
'Legacy Of The Dead' features eleven new tracks plus two cover versions as bonus which
were already released on YouTube during Covid times. The first cover is DARK ANGEL’s first
ever single release MERCILESS DEATH with founding member Don Doty on vocals. The
other one is the BLACK SABBATH classic NEON KNIGHTS featuring on vocals none other
than powerhouse singer Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, MSG, ex-CORELEONI, ex-