CD released: Mar 22, 2024

1. Destination Unknown
2. Neon Rider
3. Feel The Magic
4. Unleash The Fire
5. I Lay My Life In Rock N Roll
6. Compass Rose
7. Surreal
8. My Time To Say Goodbye
9. Standing By The Edge
10. One And Only
11. One Night In The Big City
12. Riders Of The Night

The story of the Argentine Melodic/ Hard rock group Neon Rider began in
2020 when the two guitarists, bandmates of another group, Hernan
Cattaneo & Marcos Nieva Green, decided to put together a new project to
create music with a more classic sound based on their hard rock & AOR
roots. When they started, it quickly became clear that it was more than just
a project and that starting a real band was the right thing to do. So after a
few years, with a single and an EP, the band was completed with Bruno
Sangari (vocals), Daniel Bravo (bass) and Pablo Ureta on drums.
"Destination Unknown" is meant to lead the listener to an "unknown
destination" and give him the feeling of traveling to other places and eras.
This album also represents a connection between the members and their
sons and daughters, as the last song of the album, "Riders Of The Night",
features a children's choir with special guests: Valentino Sangari, Sofia
Cattaneo, Leandro Guzman Nieva and Julieta Nieva Rodriguez.