LP released: May 24, 2024

1. Wonderful To Be In Love
2. Silver
3. Nude Beach
4. Everybody Ever
5. Bloodsucker
6. Nightwalker
7. Wish I Was Born An Animal
8. Stop Let's Listen
9. Sleeping Grass
10. Off On
Cat No: PSY041LP
Barcode: 850056058308
Packaging: LP (100g)

This record began with a funny and sad idea I had about a funeral. I imagined a picture of a funeral with a merch table. Mourners could buy a souvenir t-shirt or a poster. They could purchase a book of the deceased's writing and artwork and a record of their songs and music. I thought about a bored teenager running the merch table, tired of being on tour and trying to keep up. It was an idea full of darkness and sweetness to me. Immediately I thought about what my merchandise would look like, what it would be. I began to think about what the record for sale at my funeral would sound like. I started to think about the songs I have made up and sung to and with my friends, family, and myself over the years. I noticed how the songs I had sung the longest seemed connected to others from a different time. I had changed some words and how I played them but they were all of me and my time on earth. I heard how these things fit together. Of course I now needed to see this project become a reality.