CD released: May 10, 2024

1. Setzt Die Segel (Feat. Timothy Abor/storm Seeker)
2. Nimmerland
3. Feenstaub (Feat. Johanna Krins/delva)
4. Immermeer
5. Insel Am Rande Der Zeit
6. Phantom (Feat. Benni Cellini/letzte Instanz)
7. Absturz
8. Westwind
9. Die Geister Die Ich Rief Part I
10. Pan
11. Krokodil
12. Die Geister Die Ich Rief Part Ii
13. Heimfahrt (Bonustrack)
Label: NOCUT
Cat No: 2260882
Barcode: 4099885720758
Packaging: CD Digipak

"Off to never-never land!" Mythemia invite you to do just that with their third studio album
"Neverland". The fantasy folk band from North Rhine-Westphalia takes you into a world full
of dreams, mythical creatures and a pinch or two of magic with a total of 12 new songs. The
wind sings of wanderlust and longing calls - time for an adventure! With German lyrics, they
tell stories of wanderlust and the longing for new, undiscovered worlds. The focus is on the
combination of classical instruments with catchy, heavy folk rock. Polyphonic vocals
complete the picture of the acoustic rock band.