LP released: May 24, 2024

Side A
1. Vandrevise
2. Klare Eg V Re Her?
3. Midt Iblant Oss
4. Fokstugu
5. Sommarregn
6. . Og Vesle Lerka
Side B
1. F R Morgon Gryr (Salme 364)
2. Savne Deg
3. Meslo
4. Under Et Tre
5. Nidaros
6. Veien Eg M G

How does it feel to be stripped of all communication with the outside world, only to embark on a 37-day long hike across
half of Norway? The beloved artist Moddi reveals his personal experiences and encounters during his adventurous
pilgrimage on the album 'Vandreviser'. A beautiful, honest, and rarely personal insight, written and partially recorded on
the journey through the groundbreaking Norwegian nature. To be released on May 24, 2024.
? Moddi reflects: Without a mobile phone, completely alone, and with little else in the backpack than a notebook and my
own confirmation Bible, I confronted the forces of nature, Norwegian history, silence, and his own childhood faith. The
37-day-long journey resulted in music beyond the comfort zone, with room for both doubt and faith, personal narratives,
and warm everyday glimpses from a pilgrim's journey through life. I play all the instruments himself, from mouth harp to
church organ, and enhances his own diary entries with lyrics from the hymn book and spontaneous field recordings
from the trail.

? "Vandreviser" follows up on the popular claimed "Denna tida I fjor" (2023), which led Moddi on a larger nationwide tour
with sold-out concerts in cities including Trondheim and Oslo December 2023. The album provided the artist with
screentime on the music program NRK Scenen and received favorable reviews in Dagsavisen and Klassekampen.
? The first song release, "Vandrevise," sets the standard for how intimately one can experience the journey Moddi has
undertaken on nature's terms. Accompanied by the lightweight mouth harp and powerful vocal performance, the beauty
and challenges of nature are depicted. The singles "Midt iblant oss" and "Savne Deg" will be released in April and May
before the album is launched at the end of the month.

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