CD released: Oct 10, 2014

1. Lost - Clare St Clare Feat Mikelangelo
2. Tonight - Mikelangelo Feat Rob Snarski
3. Metropolis - Mikelangelo
4. Beauty - Mikelangelo Feat. The Nymphs
5. Walking - Stu Thomas
6. City Of Dreams - Mikelangelo
7. Dawn - Clare St Clare Feat. Mikelangelo
8. Streets - Mikelangelo Feat. Tali
9. Everything - Mikelangelo
10. Closer - Clare St Clare
Cat No: IMAG001
Barcode: 0934334402813
Packaging: CD Digipak

Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Mikelangelo launches his new album CITY OF DREAMS over three nights at the Foxtel Festival Hub at Melbourne Festival on October 14th, 15th and 16th.

City of Dreams had its genesis in the streets of Melbourne two years ago, by accident not design, when Mikelangelo began making up tunes and words while walking through the parks, streets and laneways of the city, He captured these early sketches on his phone and they became his first demo recordings for City Of Dreams, With funding from Arts Victoria, he embarked upon this ambitious recording project at the end of 2013.

Mikelangelo conceived to record each song with a different artist or band, working in various local studios with different engineers and producers including Myles Mumford, Loki Lockwood, Miles Brown and album producers Daniel and Gideon Frankel, Together they have made an album that is a haunting yet celebratory soundtrack to the city, He says:

"I think the best way to make a truly great album is to follow your instinct at every turn and to trust the artists with whom you are collaborating, If you want to make music that will live forever, you have to be brave and completely ignore the rules."

Through this involved and intuitive approach, an album of great lyrical and musical scope has been produced, The artists who have worked with Mikelangelo on the album have been instrumental in shaping the musical journey, particularly in the case of electronic artist Miles Brown and dream pop singer Clare St Clare, With Mikelangelo they have co-written the brooding and ethereal album opener Lost and the airy and evocative duet Dawn, and have also worked closely together on title track City Of Dreams and the beautiful finale to the album, Closer, Mikelangelo says:

"I think that everyone has their own personal relationship to the city, one that is filled with hope, longing and desire, like a romance with a lover, Each artist I have worked with has brought something of this depth and mystery to the songs, to make an album that is a love letter to the city."

The album will be released by clandestine new Melbourne label The Imaginarium, The label is the brainchild of award winning producers, Daniel and Gideon Frankel, Inspired by the influential legacy of studio/labels of the 1960s, the Frankel brothers have created their own studio/label to produce and release contemporary classic albums.

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