LP released: Aug 30, 2024

1. Forget It
2. Razor Wire
3. Visions
4. Waiting To Die
5. Let 'em Roll
6. Bleeding The Night
7. One By One
8. Bedevil
Cat No: DVP300LP
Barcode: 198391986017
Packaging: LP (100g)

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present worldwide CD and vinyl LP editions of
MEAN MISTREATER’s debut album, Razor Wire.
Formed in 2023, MEAN MISTREATER are a heavy metal band from Austin, Texas. Armed with
heart-racing riffs and powerful vocals, they meld classic heavy metal with retro hard rock,
inspired by bands like Chastain, Warlock, and W.A.S.P. In 2023, their debut single, 'Bleeding
The Night,' was named 'Metal’s Song of the Summer' by Then, in early
2024, the band self-released their debut album, Razor Wire, featuring 'Bleeding the Night'
alongside seven other tracks.
An entirely DIY effort, Razor Wire now sees a worldwide vinyl edition courtesy of DYING
VICTIMS, who were won over by MEAN MISTREATER’s bruising & blue-collar metal. Right
from its opening seconds, Razor Wire exudes excitement and good-fucking-times every
step of the way. While undoubtedly early ‘80s traditional metal by nature, the quintet don’t
forget the hard rock foundation of so much early metal, and indeed ROCK OUT with the zip &
zeal of prime Thin Lizzy and early Cirith Ungol. Indeed, that throwback nature isn’t so much
an affection as an overall attitude: the recording’s warm and analog and fully HUMAN, never
overloading the senses with sterile tones that are too much too often; the rhythm section
provides the pounding pulse, steady and straightforward, but just as commandingly plays
counterpart to the dazzling twin-axe attack; and frontwoman Janiece Gonzalez drives the
point home with her gritty-yet-soulful voice, at times reminding of a young Suzi Quatro but
always illustrating each song’s inner drama with bluesy aplomb. And then, at a little less than
a half hour, Razor Wire’s over and it’s time to hit the back alleys with it again!
Embodying that 'American Metal' that Lizzy Borden sagely sang about so long ago, with no
jingoism attached nor intended, MEAN MISTREATER fly the flag prouder than ever now with
this new worldwide edition of Razor Wire!

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