LP released: Jun 23, 2023

Introducing the freshest entry to our Little Beat More family with the very debut album by Magnetic Tailors out now! The self-titled 'Magnetic Tailors LP' showcases the diverse influences that have shaped the style of this emerging project straight from Marseille's deepest underground, in a perfect blend of two unique sounds that represent the very soul of the group. Half hip hop and soul, half reggae the album features some of the most talented African artists such as Bhekiwe, Indigo Saint and Adam Raad, as well as leading exponents of underground hip hop such as Blurum13, DJ Vadim's partner in the Oneself project, and Blacc El, protagonist, among others, of an exceptional duet with the amazing voice of Giulietta Passera, from Sweet Life Society and Mangaboo. A sound that reflects the influences and roots of the Magnetic Tailors and their city, a vibrant place of encounter and contamination for very different cultures and realities that come together in a unique and original artistic expression. The album is available on 12-inch vinyl or digitally, take a trip into the energy of vibrant Marseille enjoying this album that translates the vibe of its winding alleys and lively street markets into music! Edition of 500 copies