LP (180g) released: Feb 23, 2024

Side A
1. Shattered Heart
2. Tears As Fuel
3. Midsummer Night
4. Lifetime Of Tears
5. Feels So Good
Side B
6. Pure Love
7. Northern Lights
8. Mourn His Breath
9. All I Get
10. Topanga Canyon

Exploring personal metamorphosis and the emergence of light from darkness, Louise Lem n will
release her latest album Lifetime of Tears, the third album from The Queen Of Death Gospel.
As a testament to Louise Lem n's unique style, she fuses deep, dark undertones with an unwavering
faith in the light and the ability to rise above. The writing process of Lifetime of Tears began aboard a
plane as Louise Lem n navigated the emotional aftermath of a breakup and bid farewell to a previous
life. Through this airborne introspection, high above the clouds, she had a moment of clarity as she
realised her third album would revolve around finding tranquility after the overwhelming pain of
heartbreak. This pivotal insight became the guiding force that shaped the emotional core of Lifetime of
Tears; conjuring beauty from disparity with her captivating noir-sound.
Attention must be turned to the title track of this latest release. Brimming with intense emotions,
'Lifetime of Tears' is a soulful rock ballad that pays homage to Louise Lem n's musical influences of
the 70s including Fleetwood Mac and The Allman Brothers, amongst others. Guitarist Johan
Kvasteg rd skilfully captures the energy of this era as well as the raw sentiment of the lyrics with his
sensual, somnambulant, Santana-esque guitar hooks. Melded with steady drums and deep piano
instrumentation, 'Lifetime of Tears' is ultimately carried by Louise Lem n's enchanting, eerie, and
ethereal vocals-a reminiscent blend of Cat Power, Lana Del Rey, and PJ Harvey.
Of the single she says "Lem n on your arm, pour some salt, the scars will last a lifetime. I need sweat
and tears in music to really appreciate it. I love big emotions and they need to come through in the
instruments too, I need to hear your tears through the guitar, I need to feel your passion in how you hit
each drum. I need music to take me to another dimension, create a movie where I want to be,
whether it is a grand passion or a nice float through pink clouds."
Recorded at the legendary Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, Lifetime of Tears comes to life amidst a
treasure trove of vintage gear and authentic instruments, capturing a pristine and contemporary sound
free from digital interference. The album marks a significant milestone in Louise Lem n's career, as
she takes the reins and showcases her exceptional talents as both a songwriter and producer. Joining
forces with acclaimed producer Randall Dunn for the mixing/mastering process of the album, the
collaboration promises to elevate her music to new heights, captivating listeners worldwide.
"I wanted the sound to match the realness of the lyrics." says Louise "A big thing for me was that it
was the first time I produced an album in this kind of big studio and really had the creative control over
each and every sound that is on the album. It was also special to have been touring with the
musicians alot before recording and having that band energy in the album. I wanted to capture their
amazing souls too and they really played right from their core. I had a clear vision of the whole album
while writing it and I think I scaled off the sound and transformed it. Less noise, more emotions."
Louise Lem n has garnered widespread acclaim for her previous works, including two highly
successful albums and the Devil EP. She has earned the well-deserved title of 'The Queen of Death
Gospel,' receiving rave reviews and features from prominent music publications worldwide. Major
pieces in multiple country editions of Metal Hammer, Powerplay, Revolver Magazine, Zero
Tolerance, Close-Up, Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Gaffa, and many more have cemented her status as
a captivating and genre-defying artist.

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