CD released: Apr 19, 2024

1. I Should Be Glad
2. I Need Your Love
3. I Huye !
4. True Love
5. Humos
6. Mundo Oscuro
7. Taj
8. Naciste
9. Jeff Is Gone
Cat No: BBB9
Barcode: 7421095119300
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

Lorenzo Sanchez is a guitarist from the French professional blues scene. His Andalusian origins, his artistic encounters
and the strong musical influences of the great blues masters, from Hendrix to Ry Cooder to Derek Trucks, have shaped an original
Afro-American musical form.
Founder of the legendary group Miguel M & The BBB, winner of the 1999 Chesterfield Caf national competition (jury: Thierry
Ardisson, Yvan Le Bolloch and Peter Kingsberry), which led to the recording of the album "Live au Chesterfield Caf ".
His live experience has been enriched by collaborations with musicians such as Fred Chapellier, Johan Dalgaard (Cali, Ga tan Roussel,
Johnny Halliday...), Philippe Brohet (Juliette), Greg Szlap, Mike Greene, Manu Codjia, Dave Crow & Andrew Balcon (Heymoonshaker).
Combining sensitive, inventive and powerful guitar playing (nominated twice in the "10 best blues guitarists of the year" in 2000/2001
- Euroblues), with singing in Spanish and/or English and Spanglish.
He has participated in musical aesthetics mixing French chanson and jazz, with other artists (carte blanche with Doroth e Daniel,
Anne Sylvestre, Agn s Bihl, Yves Jamait, Aldebert at the Sc ne Nationale "Le Nouveau Relax" etc. - residencies with H l ne
Labarri re, Hasse Pulsen, at the "Ch teau de Faverolles").
His music is a blend of blues, soul, jazz and rock, sometimes tinged with Indian or Hispanic sounds, sublimated by his slide guitar