CD released: May 05, 2023

1. Hula Hoop (Pour Toi) (Instrumental)
2. Foi Assim Feat. Lucas Santtana
3. Spritz
4. Helios
5. Terroirs
6. The Limousine Blues Feat. Amber Burgoyne
7. Back In Koh Mak
8. Some Blue And Yellow Feat. Malik Djoudi
9. White Lines

Limousine has returned to this experimental ground where simplicity of composition, haunting loops and a sense of
release are combined, but now voices come to dress their tracks and propel the vehicle into a new dimension.
Vocals in Limousine: a revolution for a quartet whose concept was precisely to do without them, so much so that they have often
defined themselves as a band for singers who don't exist. From then on, the mission was to find that these singers, or singers, exist.
A cast that alternates iconoclastic figures and young hopefuls for a certified Grand Tourism trip: Malik Djoudi, Amber Burgoyne, Lucas
Santtana, Victor Solf and Akhenaton take part in this new adventure. Rappers, singers or vocalists, these five performers slip naturally
into Limousine's saps, as if each of the tracks had been specially cut for them.
Tropical stroll for the Brazilian Lucas Santtana, hip hop aside with AKH, soulful and intimate nocturne with the revelation from
Brighton Amber Burgoyne or melancholic wandering with Malik Djoudi, Limousine purposely gathers a beautiful international French
For the rest, the quartet keeps its iconoclastic line and confirms its ability to create weightless themes.
In the end, Hula Hoop is an authentic Limousine album, whose elegance it perpetuates while constituting its expanded version.

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