LP released: Dec 02, 2014

Side 1 : Lid
1. Lid
2. Mary Agnes
3. Dream Is Over
4. In The Mushroom
5. Window Pain
Side 2 : RX
1. RX
2. You Are Here
3. Randy Scouse Git
4. Alive
5. For All My Life
6. Don't Let Me Down

Lid was a project formed in the latter half of the 1990's by Daniel Cavanagh of UK greats Anathema, along with legendary vocalist Eric Wagner from US doom metal greats Trouble. Joining the 2 were Timothy and Tommy Reeves on bass and drums respectively. The fruits of this union emerged in 1997 with the classic sole album, 'In the Mushroom', combining the heavier rocking & melodic traits of both acts plus an element of psychedelia. Along with what could be termed stoner rock parts, there was also a notable Beatles-eque quality to some of the compositions. This release incidentally even includes a stellar cover of the Beatles classic, 'Don't Let me Down', joining the cover of The Monkees' 'Randy Scouse Git'. All in all, the album is a great ride full of hooks and uplifting classic rock anthems. 'In the Mushroom' was produced by Eric Wagner, along with Vincent Wojno (having previously worked with Eric with Trouble). The album was mixed at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. This edition of 'In the Mushroom' comes on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl and sees the album presented on the format for the very first time.

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