4CD released: May 19, 2023

1. Billie Holiday Big Stuff (Prologue From Fancy Free)
2. Enter Three Sailors
3. Scene At The Bar
4. Enter Two Girls
5. Pas De Deux
6. Competition Scene
7. Variation 1: Galop
8. Variation 2: Waltz
9. Variation 3: Danzon
10. Finale
11. Enter Three Sailors
12. Scene At The Bar
13. Enter Two Girls
14. Pas De Deux
15. Competition Scene
16. Variation 1: Waltz
17. Variation 2: Danzon
18. Variation 3: Galop
19. Finale
20. Track 20
21. On The Town Opening: I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet / New York New York (Lyn Murray Chorus)
22. I Get Carried Away (Betty Comden And Adolph Green)
23. Lucky To Be Me (Mary Martin)
24. Lonely Town (Mary Martin)
25. I Can Cook Too (Nancy Walker)
26. Ya Got Me (Nancy Walker)
27. "on The Town" Orchestra / Leonard Bernstein
28. Lonely Town - Pas De Deux
29. Times Square
30. Subway Ride
31. The Great Lover Displays Himself
32. Ivy And Gabey - Pas De Deux
33. I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet (Michael Kermoyan)
34. New York, New York (Adolph Green, John Reardon, Cris Alexander, Chorus)
35. Dance: Miss Turnstiles' Variations
36. Taxi Number: Come Up To My Place (Nancy Walker, Cris Alexander)
37. Carried Away (Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
38. Lonely Town (John Reardon)
39. Carnegie Hall (Do-do-re-do) (Chorus)
40. I Can Cook, Too (Nancy Walker)
41. Lucky To Be Me (John Reardon, Chorus)
42. Dance: Times Square
43. So Long, Baby (Chorus)
44. I'm Blue (Nightclub Singer)
45. Ya Got Me (Nancy Walker, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Cris Alexander)
46. Subway Rider
47. Dance Of The Great Lover
48. Pas De Deux
49. Some Other Time (Nancy Walker, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Cris Alexander)
50. Dance - The Real Coney Island
51. Overture To On The Town
52. "curtain Going Up" Orchestra / Lehman Engel
53. Bill Evans Lucky To Be Me
54. Blossom Dearie Lonely Town
55. Frank Sinatra Lonely Town
56. Bobby Scott New York New York
57. Bill Evans Trio Some Other Time
58. Christopher Street (Warren Galjour And The Villagers Chorus)
59. Ohio (Rosalind Russell, Edith Adams)
60. One Hundred Easy Ways (Rosalind Russell)
61. What A Waste (George Gaynes, Warren Galjour, Albert Linville)
62. A Little Bit In Love (Edith Adams)
63. Pass The Football (Jordan Bentley)
64. Conversation Piece (Rosalind Russell, Edith Adams, Cris Alexander, Dort Clark)
65. A Quiet Girl (George Gaynes)
66. Conga! (Rosalind Russell And The Cadets)
67. My Darlin' Eileen (Edith Adams, Delbert Anderson And Police)
68. Swing! (Rosalind Russell And The Villagers Chorus)
69. It's Love (Edith Adams, George Gaynes And The Villagers Chorus)
70. Ballet At The Village Vortex (Orchestra)
71. Wrong Note Rag (Rosalind Russell, Edith Adams And The Villagers Chorus)
72. Dave Brubeck Quartet A Quiet Girl
73. Lena Horn It's Love
74. Marian Mcpartland It's Love
75. Andante (With Dignity) - Presto Barbaro
76. Adagio - Allegro Molto Agitato - Alla Breve (Poco Pi Mosso) - Presto Come Prima
77. Andante Largamente - (More Flowing - Still More Flowing) - Poco Meno Mosso - Lento
78. Moving Forward (With Warmth) - Largamente - A Tempo - Calmato -
79. Andante Come Prima - Sempre Avanti (With Intensity) - Ancora Pi Mosso
80. Allegro Non Troppo, Molto Marcato - Poco Pi Sostenuto - Meno Mosso
81. A Tempo
82. Prelude
83. Fugue
84. Riffs
85. Prologue (Orchestra)
86. Jet Song (Mickey Calin, The Jets)
87. Something's Coming (Larry Kert)
88. The Dance At The Gym (The Jets, The Sharks)
89. Maria (Larry Kert)
90. Tonight (Larry Kert, Carol Lawrence)
91. America (Marilyn Cooper, Chita Rivera, Shark Girls)
92. Cool (Mickey Calin, The Jets)
93. One Hand, One Heart (Larry Kert, Carol Lawrence)
94. Tonight (Quintet And Chorus)
95. (the Jets, The Sharks, Chita Rivera, Larry Kert, Mickey Calin, Carol Lawrence)
96. The Rumble (Orchestra)
97. I Feel Pretty (Carol Lawrence, Marilyn Cooper, Reri Grist, Carmen Gutierrez, Elizabeth Taylor)
98. Somewhere (Ballet) (Larry Kert, Reri Grist (Offstage), Carol Lawrence)
99. Gee, Officer Krupke
100. (eddie Roll, Grover Dale, Hank Brunjes, Tony Mordente, David Winters, The Jets)
101. A Boy Like That - I Have A Love (Chita Rivera, Carol Lawrence)
102. Finale (Carol Lawrence, Larry Kert, Ensemble)
103. Stan Kenton Orchestra- America
104. Cal Tjader Quintet- Tonight
105. The Hi-lo's Something's Coming
106. Andr © Previn And His Pals- Maria
107. Dave Brubeck Quartet- Maria
108. Oscar Peterson Trio -somewhere
Cat No: ACME368CDX
Barcode: 5013929336834
Packaging: 4CD Regular Box Set

4CD set celebrating the work of the hugely influential composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. Composer, conductor, concert pianist, cultural icon and visionary, who's admiration for Lennon and McCartney ("The Beatles were the best songwriters since Gershwin. ") was almost as great as his regard for the symphonies of Gustav Mahler. Leonard Bernstein's versatility was legendary. In this one supremely gifted man, all the great currents of twentieth century music were to collide and ferment in a rich stylistic melting pot. In 1944, he burst onto the stage with the exciting jazz ballet 'Fancy Free', and proceeded to captivate Broadway with three big musicals: 'On The Town', 'Wonderful Town' and the monumental 'West Side Story' (co-written with the gifted young lyricist Stephen Sondheim), while teasing Hollywood with his score for Marlon Brando's On the Waterfront, which - like the stage productions - offered an eloquent musical portrait of life and love in New York. This edition includes both the 1944 and 1956 recordings of 'Fancy Free', alongside Bernstein's symphonic suite of the themes from On the Waterfront, the historic original cast recordings of each of the musicals; complemented by jazz interpretations of their most enduring songs performed by - amongst others - such giants as Bill Evans, Frank Sinatra, Dave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson.