CD released: Jan 05, 2024

1. Nuffin' Left But Crumbs
2. Betta Now
3. Powerclash
4. Evry1's Theory
5. Dario's Pummerola
6. Soprano's Theme
7. Nu-st8
8. Leo's Msg

When Leo Pesci submitted his outstanding nujazz LP, 'Impolite' to Jo at Ramrock Records, there was absolutely no
hesitation in saying 'yes please' to his refreshing, contemporary collection of tracks which aim to transcend the limitations of genre
and speak out on matters that are unpalatable and difficult to swallow. Leo addresses current global issues such as politics and
corruption, climate change and overpopulation, capitalism and the misery it brings to society, but also toxic masculinity and
This is Leo's first new release since his highly acclaimed EP 'Community' in 2021, which featured well-known artists of the London jazz
scene like Jas Kayser, Ella Knight, Nicola Guida, Johnny Woodham, Simon JNR and Dani Diodato amongst others. 'Impolite' continues
to steer the listener through Jazz, HipHop, Soul, Alternative R&B and Rap with some exceptional collaborations featuring 15 different
jazz/hip hop artists including Jackson Mathod, Moeazy, John Swana, Dylan Jones, Jay Phelps and Tendayi to name but a few.

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