CD released: Feb 02, 2024

1. The Shipping Forecast
2. Angel And Child
3. Mystery Of The Light
4. When We Ran Fast
5. Photographs From Mars
6. Forget Me Nots
7. Longing And Belonging
8. The Terminator
9. Space And Snow
10. Fallen Angel
11. Music Of The Wave
12. Home
13. The Journey
14. Via Vitae

Fusing together a flurry of sounds from around the world, Lee Michael Walton's latest album takes us on a
consciousness expanding journey through a gritty world of self-discovery. Brimming with spiritual undertones, the boundary breaking
record is a concept album that tells a spellbinding story from some of the darkest points in the artist's life. It takes us from a sense of
hopelessness when he was faced with a life-altering cancer diagnosis to overcome this and becoming a better persona as a result of
this. It's a highly personal and deeply authentic release that's dripped in raw emotion; telling the tale of his own breakdown, struggle
with cancer and eventual rebirth.
Each song was inspired by a genuine heartfelt moment on this journey. From the life-threatening operation he had to defeat his
cancer, to transformation he underwent as a result of his struggle. The innovative album plays more like a novel, using intricate
instrumentation to voice his journey in deep detail. Bringing together violinists, saxophonists, several guest vocalists, guitarists and
drummers; the release perfectly captures each intense emotion like we're right there with him. It truly is a rollercoaster of emotions
that pulls us deep into his world. The profound, moving experiences are brought to life in fierce detail though organic instrumentation
that's simply oozing in originality.
The whole album contains a slick selection of unforgettable videos that perfectly aid in the storytelling. From the electrifyingly upbeat
"Photographs From Mars" which follows him as he becomes the first man on Mars, all the way to the brutally honest lyrics of "When
We Ran Fast" and the exotic melodies of stand out tracks like "Via Vitae' that includes the profound life experiences from people all
around the world. The release really takes us deep into the personal struggles of so many real-life people. As a pianist he recorded
the album in the acclaimed Fieldgate Studios with a fabulous Fazioli grand piano. It was also mixed/recorded at Qube Studios, London
and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road studios. Truly a spectacular record that pushes the boundaries of what's possible with music,
bringing Pink Floyd level innovation to a rich concoction of world music.