2LP released: May 19, 2023

1. Degausser
2. Tea Cup
3. Concretotron Ballroom
4. Xylo
5. Clock Study (For Michael)
6. Pendulum (For Alvin)
7. Cocoa Tins
8. Clocks/bells
9. Tinitis
10. A1956
11. Mechano-bleep
12. Desert
13. Self Molestation (Concretizer Opera)
14. Laryngitis
15. Strong Dark Sauce
Cat No: BF059LP
Barcode: 785034477201
Packaging: 2LP

Recorded in Lary 7’s legendary apartment studio Plastikville over nearly a decade, Larynx is the first
full-length retrospective of the East Village icon’s hybrid music and engineering practice. The record
mobilizes 7’s array of homemade instruments, which he ‘frankensteins’ together from offcast and
outmoded bits of technology. An ode to the long-lost Canal Street junk shops he frequented in the
1970s and ’80s, Larynx brings together numerous thrift finds and sonic inventions used in his
theatrical performances and installations.
To play 'le concretotron,' a board covered with twenty years worth of unspooled magnetic tape, 7
runs a tape head topographically over the flattened strips, picking up snippets of their recorded
contents. The spring tree, another of his contraptions, is simply turned on and left to its own
devices; feedback loops cause the amplified coils to resound in space and slowly increase in volume.
The track 'Mechano-Bleep' features a pattern generator constructed from a telephone sequence
switch, 150 oscillators from an electric accordion, a sewing machine motor, and an early computing
system called a 'select-a-board.' Meanwhile, antiquated electronic instruments abound—7 employs
the Ondioline, a precursor to the synthesizer; a Philicorda organ; and a homemade Trautonium,
among other gadgets