3 x 12in released: Oct 27, 2023

Side A
1. Klangkarussell - Home
2. Klangkarussell, Ten Ven - Air
Side B
1. Klangkarussell - Shipwreck
2. Klangkarussell, Kyle Pearce - My World
Side C
1. Klangkarussell, Givven - Follow (Extended Mix)
2. Klangkarussell - Comoros
Side D
1. Klangkarussell, Givven - Ghostkeeper
2. Klangkarussell - Plastic
Side E
1. Klangkarussell - I Feel Fine (Extended Mix)
2. Klangkarussell, Poppy Baskcomb - This Love
Side F
1. Klangkarussell, Kyle Pearce - My World (Sin Remix)
2. Klangkarussell - Plastic (Scheinizzl Remix)

Discover the sonic evolution of Klangkarussell across four remarkable years with "nineteentilltwentytwo" – an
unparalleled vinyl compilation featuring their most captivating tracks from 2019 to 2022. A must-have for both devoted fans and new
listeners alike, this compilation encapsulates Klangkarussell's artistry, growth, and musical ingenuity.
From the introspective melodies of "Ghostkeeper" to the heartwarming embrace of "Home," and the entrancing allure of "Shipwreck,"
each of the 12 handpicked tracks tells a story, creating a mesmerizing journey through the heart and soul of Klangkarussell's music.
With every needle drop, you'll be transported to the intricate world of their soundscapes.
"nineteentilltwentytwo" captures the essence of Klangkarussell's creative evolution. As the rhythms ebb and flow, you'll experience
the emotions that have fueled their music-making.
Housed within a meticulously designed gatefold sleeve by the Berlin-based artist Melanie Freiberger, the "nineteentilltwentytwo" vinyl
edition is a collector's dream. Crafted with care, this three-vinyl pack offers an unparalleled listening experience, inviting you to savor
each note and immerse yourself in Klangkarussell's musical universe.