LP released: May 19, 2023

Side A
1. Kiriath-arba
2. Shinar
3. Beersheba
4. Khmunu
5. Beth-el
6. Mittani
7. Amurru
8. Shechem
Side B
1. Cincinnati Sunrise
2. Chicago Shift
3. The Oakland Feel
4. Pittsburgh Patrol
5. Watts Awakening
6. Dayton Daydreams
7. Harlem Homerun
8. Baltimore Beatdown
Cat No: BBE722ALP
Barcode: 196626489531
Packaging: LP (100g)

Like a long-lost Holy Grail album from the mid-seventies, Kirk Degiorgio’s latest project
explores both Modal Jazz and Seventies Jazz Fusion in the Library album format. Side One
swings with a vengeance with its tight arrangements built around acoustic bass, electric
piano and glorious analogue synth leads and side 2 takes us on a journey of funk fuelled,
percussive workouts and heavy breaks. The contribution of renowned session drummer
Chris Whitten adds to the authenticity of the album as does the use of vintage, analog
The Library album was predominant in TV and film studios in Italy and France with
composers creating background, incidental and scene music for use in TV and movie
production. In recreating the sound library format Kirk Degiorgio has revelled in both the
creative freedom and the test of melodic capability that the short form of the Library album
allows. As Kirk says, 'the skill with this kind of composing is to be able to express your ideas
and thoughts in a maximum of two minutes at a time.'
Kirk Degiorgio is a DJ, composer and music lover whose influences, from family and then
going out to clubs from under-18 discos to attending the Belvedere Arms and 'Shoom' and
working in Reckless Records, cover all genres of Black music. From Soul, Jazz-Funk, Funk
and then House and Detroit Techno Kirk has a love and an appreciation for how all these
sounds work together and evolve from each other