CD released: Sep 01, 2023

1. A Song And A Prayer
2. God Has A Heart Too
3. A Better Way To Say Goodbye
4. God Never Gave Up On Me
5. Long Time Leavin
6. Somebody Else Pray
7. The Best Thing That Ever Happened
8. The World Is In Gods Hands
9. My Best Friend
10. Angel In The Stone
Label: BFD
Cat No: BFD562CD
Barcode: 819376056227
Packaging: CD Digipak

It's been over sixty years since the late Loretta Lynn first rose to stardom, transforming from a coal miner's daughter to the Queen of Country Music.
A Song and A Prayer is a collection of devotionals combined with song lyrics that delivers a unique form of worship. Inspired by her songwriting sessions with Kim McLean (a fellow songwriter, music producer, as well as ordained minister and reverend doctor), Loretta's love of God is felt in this book. Listeners will learn to experience and maintain an intimate one-on-relationship with God. This volume will become a cherished companion for Loretta Lynn fans and readers everywhere as they strive to live each precious moment to the fullest and happiest.
Through A Song and A Prayer, listeners of all faiths and walks of life will have the opportunity to bask in a month's worth of spiritual encouragement. Loretta's thoughts and lyrics not only capture the presence of God, but also capture a presence that transcends Christianity-the spirit of creativity. In a busy world, Loretta's lyrics and prayers remind all that God loves them more than they could imagine.