CD released: Jun 18, 2021

1. Next Step
2. Not Be Told
3. Something's Gotta Break
4. Spring
5. Passing Through
6. Reasons
7. You
8. Still Trying
9. Part Of You
10. Not All Your Doing
11. Playing With Fire
Cat No: CGR001CD
Barcode: 843563136911
Packaging: CD Regular

Kaylee Elizabeth's voice is soft but sure, warm but direct. She's
seasoned by time spent in Ireland studying traditional singing and
years touring with sister-brother duo The Native Sibling. Now based in
Seattle, WA, Kaylee Elizabeth is making a debut on her own-with a
new name, a new sound, a new process, and even a new instrument.
Her debut single under her own name and from these sessions,
"Passing Through," draws inspiration from looking out the van window
on tour through middle America. Kaylee Elizabeth explains: "You get
many small glimpses of the physical structures and people as you're
driving past or staying for only a short period of time. There are
buildings thriving with activity and others lying in disrepair. The same
physical place can hold many different times of growth and decay,
bustle and silence. It makes me reflect on the fact that our time here is
but a breath, but that there are many beautiful things that can be
passed down from generation to generation."
It doesn't take knowing her past work to hear that Kaylee Elizabeth is
doing something notable. From singing at Galway open mics, to
writing and touring with her brother, she is now seamlessly emerging
as a writer in a singular voice in her first album due 2021.