LP released: Mar 24, 2023

1. Monster Mash
2. Call Home
3. Fructify
4. Consequences
5. People Are Doing
6. Ride Or Die
7. Yoyo
8. Long Long Long
9. dd
10. Saw You Staring
11. Fish Bowl
12. Reckoning
Label: ANTI
Cat No: 879831
Barcode: 45778798315
Packaging: LP Regular

As badly as we want our trajectory to be linear and to make logical sense,
sometimes life has other plans for us. We have to listen to that little voice
within, whispering: rebel against the status quo. This has been the experience
of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Kate Davis, where
she hits the brakes on the life she thought she knew, grabbed the creative
reins and rebuilt her artistic foundation. As she walks away from her previous

life as a conservatory-trained jazz musician and into her future as an experi-
mental art-rock singer, Davis has found a new home within herself. Growing

up in Portland, Davis later moved to New York City to attend the Manhattan
School Of Music. At night, Davis would sneak down to Brooklyn, where she

watched indie-rock innovators Grizzly Bear and the Dirty Projectors and se-
cretly dreamed of breaking away from the academic rigor of the jazz world she

inhabited. With time, Davis found a way to take control of her musical destiny
and define her own path, which is illustrated with vivid clarity on the highly
conceptual Fish Bowl, coming three years after her debut album, Trophy. This
coming-of-age story is at the heart of Davis’ sophomore album, Fish Bowl,
coming soon via her new label home of ANTI- Records.

Across Fish Bowl’s 12 deeply personal tracks, Davis traces her very own he-
ro’s journey, from the moment she steps away from her old life to the moment

she finds inner peace. She follows these steps through the eyes of Fish Bowl’s
central character, FiBo, who starts out on opening track 'Monster Mash'
realizing the community she cultivated has turned on her and starts to seek
real change. Leading the entire creative process, Davis wove multiple genres
— art-rock, pop, and folk — into an intricate, unique tapestry of sound.. As she
steps into an exciting new stage of her music career, Davis is taking the very
meticulousness she developed from her years in the jazz world and applying
them to Fish Bowl. Like genre pillar John Coltrane, Davis is transitioning to a

more musically spiritual place — a place where rules don’t matter, experimen-
talism is encouraged, and change is part of one’s natural progression as an

artist. As Davis continues to push forward with clear-eyed determination, the
indie-rock world is about to gain a new sonic voyager.