2CD+DVD released: Oct 16, 2020

1. Deep Sea Fishes
2. Cocoon
3. Dream Factories
4. Tempest
5. The Ghost Inside You
6. Universal Biology
7. Song For A Rainy Day
8. Check You`re Still Breathing
9. Butterfly Hurricane
10. Swallow You Whole
11. Until The Sun Destroys The Earth
12. Deep Sea Fishes (Naked Artist Mix)
13. Cocoon (Naked Artist Mix)
14. Dream Factories (Naked Artist Mix)
15. Tempest (Naked Artist Mix)
16. The Ghost Inside You (Naked Artist Mix)
17. Universal Biology (Naked Artist Mix)
18. Song For A Rainy Day (Naked Artist Mix)
19. Check You`re Still Breathing (Naked Artist Mix)
20. Butterfly Hurricane (Naked Artist Mix)
21. Swallow You Whole (Naked Artist Mix)
22. Until The Sun Destroys The Earth (Naked Artist Mix)
23. Passionflower (Naked Artist Mix)
24. Cocoon (Live With Intro)
25. Deep Sea Fishes (Live With Intro)
26. Dream Factories (Live With Intro)
27. Song For A Rainy Day (Live With Intro)
28. Universal Biology (Live With Intro)
29. Butterfly Hurricane (Live With Intro)
30. Cocoon (Guitar Technique Demo)
31. Deep Sea Fishes (Guitar Technique Demo)
32. Interview
Cat No: KSCOPE558
Barcode: 802644855851
Packaging: 2CD + DVD Pack

Jon Gomm, the UK based acoustic guitar virtuoso, finds new emotional depths in immense melodic pop landscapes, with his new album 'The Faintest Idea'.

Deluxe 3 Disc hardback book Edition - 2CD+DVD featuring performance, technique and
interview videos, high res stereo album and more.

'The Faintest Idea' - a stunning limited edition deluxe 3 disc hardback book edition which will feature - CD1 - 'The Faintest Idea' album, CD 2 - The Naked Artist Mix - a stripped back version of the album; a DVD containing 6 exclusive performances filmed in a medieval church, guitar technique presentations, a 35 minute Jon Gomm interview, song description videos and The Faintest Idea in high resolution stereo audio. The beautiful book will feature Lee Zimmerman illustrations, song descriptions, handwritten lyrics & full guitar tablature for the song "Check You're Still Breathing".

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