LP released: Sep 22, 2023

Side A
1. Noches En Caracas
2. Sahara
3. Pi A Colada
Side B
1. Arpas Eternas
2. Danza Cosmica
3. Una Amiga En Nueva York
4. No Me Olvides Ni A Punk

To be far ahead of your time sometimes means that you have to wait a while for the right moment to be understood. The
visionary approach of multi-instrumentalist Johnny Lamas led him to experiment with a world of hybrid jazz-funk, ambient
and electronic sounds while keeping the rhythms of Venezuelan traditional music alive. From 1993 to today, small
recognition has grown into true admiration for this so specific sound and his 'Danza Cósmica' masterpiece. TrueClass
Records are pleased to present as their second release a complete restoration of this gem, beautifully remastered and
redesigned, making it available now for the first time in fine audio quality on vinyl and digital formats.