6CD released: May 10, 2024

Disc 1 : Smash Your Head Against The Wall [1971]
1. My Size
2. Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)
3. What Are We Doing Here?
4. What Kind Of People Are They?
5. Heaven And Hell
6. Ted End
7. You're Mine
8. No. 29 (Eternal Youth)
9. I Believe In Everything
10. Cinnamon Girl [outtake]
11. It's Hard To Write A Love Song [demo]
12. The Haunted Can Be Free [demo]
13. World Behind My Face [demo]
14. My Size [demo]
15. What Kind Of People Are They? [demo]
16. Pick Me Up (Big Chicken) [demo]
17. No. 29 (External Youth) [demo]
18. Ted End [demo]
Disc 2 : Whistle Rymes [1972]
1. Ten Little Friends
2. Apron Strings
3. I Feel Better
4. Thinkin' It Over
5. Who Cares?
6. I Wonder
7. I Was Just Being Friendly
8. The Window Shopper
9. I Found Out
10. Nightmare (Please Wake Me Up)
11. I Wonder [demo]
12. All Dressed Up [demo]
13. Back On The Road [demo]
14. Countryside Boogie [demo]
Disc 3 : Rigor Mortis Sets In [1973]
1. Gimme That Rock 'n' Roll
2. Mr. Bass Man
3. Do The Dangle
4. Hound Dog
5. Made In Japan
6. My Wife
7. Roller Skate Kate
8. Peg Leg Peggy
9. Lucille
10. Big Black Cadillac
11. Bp Big Gallon Jingle ('100 Miles Of Motorway') [demo]
12. Bp Big Gallon Jingle ('100 Miles Of Motorway') [with Voiceover] [demo]
13. Made In Japan [early Take]
14. Peg Leg Peggy [early Take]
Disc 4 : Mad Dog [1975]
1. I Fall To Pieces
2. Cell Number 7
3. You Can Be So Mean
4. Lady Killer
5. Who In The Hell?
6. Mad Dog
7. Jungle [instrumental]
8. I'm So Scared
9. Drowning
10. Mad Dog [single Mix]
11. Cell Number 7 [single Mix]
Disc 5 : Too Late The Hero [1981]
1. Try Me
2. Talk Dirty
3. Lovebird
4. Sleeping Man
5. I'm Coming Back
6. Dancing Master
7. Fallen Angel
8. Love Is A Heart Attack
9. Too Late The Hero
10. Sleeping Man [demo]
11. Dancing Master [demo]
12. I'm Coming Back [demo]
13. Love Is A Heart Attack [demo]
14. Overture [outtake]
Disc 6 : The Rock [1996]
1. Stranger In A Strange Land
2. Love Doesn't Last
3. Suzie
4. Bridges Under The Water
5. Heartache
6. Billy
7. Life After Love
8. Hurricane
9. Too Much Too Soon
10. Last Song
11. Country Hurricane
12. Casualty [outtake]
13. Light In The Dark [outtake]
14. Break Your Heart [outtake]
15. Love Doesn't Last [demo]
16. Heartache [early Version]

As The Who navigated their incendiary path through the sixties, John Entwistle (nick-named The Ox)
showed that he was a talented songwriter as well as being a formidable musician. Whilst no doubt
thrilled to be the bass guitarist of such a successful band, Entwistle had voiced his discontent to
others within the greater Who family about the lack of outlets for his songs, and this perhaps
informed the decision for their label, Track Records, to sanction a recording budget for a solo album.
Entwistle had been writing songs and making demos of them at home, and by the end of 1970, he
had enough material for an album, the first CD in this 6CD box set....
This clamshell box set includes Entwistle's six solo albums: Smash Your Head Against The Wall,
Whistle Rymes, Rigor Mortis Sets In, Mad Dog, Too Late The Hero and The Rock, plus 29 bonus tracks!
The albums feature guest appearances from Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Jimmy McCulloch, Howie
Casey, Eddie Jobson, Dick Parry and Zak Starkey.
The albums are presented in CD facsimiles of the original gatefold and individual sleeves, and the 28
page booklet contains all the credits and full annotation by Alan Robinson.

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