LP released: Oct 27, 2023

1. A1. Start
2. A2. Immortalization
3. A3. Bangbang
4. A4. Devour The Sun (Ft. Guido Hoek)
5. A5. Oasis (Ft. Mo Wrights)
6. A6. Entrance - In Trance (Ft. Erosi)
7. A7. Soil
8. B1. Hourglass (Ft. Lofi Prototype)
9. B2. Aquifer (Ft. Mo Wrights)
10. B3. Isle Insomnia
11. B4. Controller (Ft. Erosi)
12. B5. The Rift Between
13. B6. Final Destination (Ft. Jerrau)

'Soil' by Amsterdam-based producer and musician Jelee is heavily influenced by video game world-building. Like a beat
alchemist, he carefully pours his love for beats into his lifelong passion for video game soundtracks. That far exceeds your typical 8-
bits and bobs: Soil unfolds like a challenging adventure game, held together by a sonic palette of hip-hop-minded drum
programming, jazz-inspired chords, and synthesized sounds.
The album features tight-knit homegrown collaborations with jazz multi-instrumentalist Guido Hoek, rising deejay Jerrau, producer lofi
prototype ("one of Amsterdam's best-kept secrets when it comes to beatmaking," says Jelee), deejay, producer, and keyboardist Mo
Wrights, and singer Erosi. With influences ranging from Brainfeeder's roster to Zelda games, Jelee presents a multifaceted take on
Jelee's music has been featured on compilations by Resilienza Records, Stamp The Wax, and Carista's 'Modern Intimacy Volume