LP released: May 12, 2023

1. Dog Meets Wolf
2. Prayer In A Tango
3. Death Of A Writer
4. Haunted
5. In A Bar With Billy Kunt
6. Son Of
7. The Assassin
8. Liberation

First record of what will become the Jack The Ripper trilogy, "The Book of Lies" is however far from being a youthful work. All the elements of the band's identity are already there and the vocal maturity of Arnaud Mazurel could let us think that he has lived tumultuous past lives. Dark and more direct than the following albums, with subtle arrangements, "The Book of Lies" is the perfect introduction to the poetry of the band. Unreleased until now in vinyl and digital, it is in a remastered version that we propose you to take the thread of the history of one of the major bands of the French rock of the years 2000.