CD released: Jul 28, 2023

1. I Bleed For You
2. Dying In A Moment Of Splendor
3. Tears
4. Look Into A Strangers Eyes
5. My Skin
6. Ways And The Wounds
7. Blue
8. Voices
9. Father Sing
10. Death Of An Angel
Label: BFD
Cat No: BFD516CD
Barcode: 819376051642
Packaging: CD Digipak

Since their formation in the early 80s, singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Indovina has
guided Human Drama through over a dozen critically acclaimed albums and countless
spectacular live performances, creating a beautifully intense collection of work, while
gathering the band a deeply devoted following in America, and most notably Mexico.
The highlights of the Ten Small Fractures are the beautiful piano arrangements by Mark
Balderas. This is the foundation of the album. The band took directly from the orchestration
of a Human Drama track from 1995 called The Waiting Hour (once again), a remake of a song
originally on our first RCA release 'Feel'. The band had a couple of ideas for songs to start
but we intentionally stayed away from piano-based tracks from prior albums.
So, the band went to work choosing the songs and slowly getting the piano arrangements
completed and recorded. We took our time choosing ten songs that we felt would translate
well in this new musical configuration.
Over the course of a year and a half, we recorded TEN SMALL FRACTURES. Mark and
Jimmy were joined by; Lynn Bertles and Gerardo Pozos on violin, Paul Pate and Claudia
Gonzalez on flute, Steve Fuxan on muted bass, and Tim Grove, Steve Caton, and Richard Lo
Guercio on nylon string guitar.

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