4CD released: Apr 19, 2024

Disc 1 : - 1969 To 1970
1. Freda Payne - Band Of Gold (Single Mix)
2. Chairman Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time
3. Flaming Ember - Westbound #9
4. Silent Majority - Frightened Girl
5. Ruth Copeland - The Music Box
6. Honey Cone - Girls It Ain't Easy
7. Chairman Of The Board - Pay To The Piper
8. Honey Cone - Want Ads
9. Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation
10. Glass House - Crumbs Off The Table
11. Chairman Of The Board - All We Need Is Understanding
12. Honey Cone - While You're Out Looking For Sugar
13. 100 Proof Aged In Soul - Somebody's Been Sleeping
14. Chairman Of The Board - Everything's Tuesday
15. Freda Payne - Deeper And Deeper
16. Chairman Of The Board - You've Got Me Dangling On A String
17. Flaming Ember - Mind, Body And Soul
Disc 2 : - 1971
1. Freda Payne - Bring The Boys Home
2. Barrino Brothers - I Shall Not Be Moved
3. 8th Day - You've Got To Crawl Before You Walk
4. Lucifer - Don't You (Think The Times A-comin')
5. Honey Cone - Sunday Morning People
6. Glass House - I Surrendered
7. Freda Payne - You Brought The Joy
8. General Johnson - I'm In Love Darling
9. 8th Day - She's Not Just Another Woman (Single Mix)
10. Honey Cone - Stick Up
11. 100 Proof Aged In Soul - 90 Day Freeze (On Her Love)
12. Flaming Ember - Gotta Get Away
13. 8th Day - Eeny-meeny-miny Mo
14. Freda Payne - Cherish What Is Dear To You
15. Glass House - Heaven Is There To Guide Us
16. Chairman Of The Board - Working On A Building Of Love
17. 8th Day - If I Could See The Light
Disc 3 : - 1972
1. Lamont Dozier, Holland-dozier - Why Can't We Be Lovers
2. Chairman Of The Board - Elmo James
3. Laura Lee - Rip Off
4. Barrino Brothers -try It, You'll Like It
5. Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes
6. Glass House - Thanks I Needed That
7. Laura Lee - Crumbs Off The Table
8. Warlock - You've Been My Rock
9. Laura Lee - Woman's Love Rights
10. Holland-dozier Ft Brain Holland - Don't Leave Me Starvin For Your Love
11. The Politicians - Free Your Mind
12. Harrison Kennedy - Sunday Morning People
13. Satisfaction Unlimited - Let's Change The Subject
14. 100 Proof Aged In Soul - Nothing Sweeter Than Love
15. Danny Woods - Let Me Ride
16. Laura Lee - Since I Fell For You
17. Silent Majority - Something New About You
18. Smith Connection - Under My Wings
Disc 4 : - 1973 To 1977
1. Eloise Laws - Love Factory
2. Freda Payne - We've Got To Find A Way Back
3. Jones Girls -taster Of The Honey
4. Smith Connection - I'm Bugging Your Phone
5. Tyrone Edwards - Can't Get Enough Of You
6. Honey Cone - If I Can't Fly
7. New York Port Authority - I Got It Pt.1
8. Chairman Of The Board - Finders Keepers
9. Hi-lites - That's Love
10. Freda Payne -two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
11. Lamont Dozier - New Breeda Kinda Woman
12. Eloise Laws - Put A Little Love Into It (When You Do It)
13. Melvin Davis - You Made Me Over
14. Honey Cone - You're Always Messing Up A Good Thing
15. Brian Holland - I'm So Glad Pt.1
16. Chairman Of The Board - Skin I'm In

Holland, Dozier and Holland are arguably the greatest songwriters ever. More prolific than
Lennon and McCartney, they shaped "the Sound of Young America" and propelled the Motown
sound in the mid-1960s into a creative stratosphere unmatched by any other independent music
label. Their trademark catchy teenage love songs were delivered energetically by previously
unknown Detroit groups like The Supremes, the Four Tops, Martha & the Vandellas & Marvin
Although synonymous with Berry Gordy's Motown, it was their departure from Motown after a
stand-off strike in 1967 and a brutal legal battle that led them to run their own group of labels,
Invictus, Hot Wax and Music Merchant.
This compilation is a definitive look at this period in history, exploring how H-D-H, under a new
guise 'The Creative Corporation', drove the next generation of soul music in a myriad of different
ways, towards funk, underground disco and jazz. Featuring 68 tracks, this collection documents
HDH's creativity and growth over this seminal 8 year period. During this time the trio developed
new artists to rival Motown's success such as Chairman Of The Board, Freda Payne, Honey Cone,
Glass House, Flaming Ember, 8th Day, Laura Lee & Eloise Laws.
The collection is complete with a detailed depiction of this period in history by award winning
author Stuart Cosgrove who wrote the Soul Trilogy, a series of books on soul music and social
change - Detroit 67: the Year That Changed Soul, Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul which
won the Penderyn Prize, as Music Book of the Year in 2018, and Harlem 69: the Future of Soul.
Stuart's notes detail the relationship with Motown in the final days, the immediate fall out after
the trio left Motown and the creation of the new labels Hot Wax, Invictus & Music Merchant.