LP released: Jun 16, 2023

Side A
1. 1) Morrer Nos Seus Bra Os
2. 2) Le Amoureuse
3. 3) Vida Nunca Ter Fim
4. 4) Baby Butterfly
5. 5) Esse Lugar
6. 6) Mon Bel Andalou
Side B
1. 1) Ce Azulou
2. 2) Vai Meu Amor
3. 3) M'en Aller
4. 4) Vem Aqui
5. 5) Tout Commence

Tricatel is proud to release for the first time on vinyl the reissue of this album released in 2001. It is a
single vinyl with a printed sub-sleeve containing vintage studio photos.
Inspired by Barthes, who wrote that the resistance would probably be one day in the affirmation of
happiness, I wanted to write a happy record, so happy that it would be a provocation. So I wanted to sing
about love in the naive and poetic language that Portuguese is for me. It is the language of secrecy and
modesty, of sensuality and eroticism.
So we recorded Azul in the offices/studios of Tricatel in four days. With the Recyclers (Steve Arguëlles,
Benoit Delbecq, Christophe Minck), we created these versions on the spot and on ADAT tape for a budget
of thirty thousand francs. It is, until now, my album which travelled the most, and which found the most
This reissue for the first time on vinyl, almost 23 years later, fills me with joy. Thanks Boss!