LP released: Nov 10, 2023

Side A
1. Ghanzi (Avidya)
2. Ha??A (Dhyana)
Side B
1. Sindh (Sunyata)

Hashshashin return with their new record Sara?a? - a lush and meditative record of hypnotic rhythms,
cinematic post-rock, and Eastern musical traditions on Art As Catharsis.
On Sara?a? the Sydney-based trio weave three intricate compositions, drawing inspiration from artists like Secret Chiefs 3, Om and
Grails as well as the classical and folk music of Afghanistan.
While still grounded in the band's signature blend of odd time-signatures, psychedelia and transcendental drone, Sara?a?
demonstrates how the trio have evolved since their expansive sophomore album Badakhshan (2019), which featured stringed
instruments from across Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in addition to bass and drums.
The new record reveals a more focused and cohesive sound, primarily centered on the Afghan rubab, which guitarist Lachlan R. Dale
has spent much of the last five years studying. Each song embraces the sonic and dynamic possibilities of the ancient instrument,
creating a mood that is both reflective and hypnotic, with evocative compositions that slowly transport listeners across deserts, small
towns, and the Hindu Kush.
"I've fallen in love with the Afghan rubab," says Lachlan. "I find myself drawn to it. Its sound has an intoxicating and trance-inducing
quality, so it's no wonder that it has had a place in mystical and shamanic practices of South-Central Asia. Specifically, I've been
studying Afghanistan's beautiful classical rubab tradition, which draws on Indian classical music, and is exemplified by artists like
Ustad Mohammad Omar, Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz, and Homayoun Sakhi."
With Sara?a?, Hashshashin continue to explore the possibilities of evocative, instrumental music, pushing beyond the bounds and
limitations of post and progressive rock. They remain one of Australia's most interesting and rewarding underground acts, breaking
their own path to new sounds and inspirations, and seeking to take listeners on the journey with them.