3LP (Gatefold) released: Feb 16, 2024

Side A
1. The Lost
2. The Scarlet Gospels
Side B
1. Destro
2. All 7
3. Big White
Side C
1. Ice Squirrels
2. Andromeda
Side D
1. Vermin (Ft. Flowanastasia)
2. For To Say
Side E
1. After Dinner Face Coffee
2. Into Void
Side F
1. Trusssss
2. Errol
Cat No: METALP26
Barcode: 5053760101260
Packaging: 3LP (Gatefold)

Gremlinz & Jesta present their long-awaited debut album on Metalheadz.
Although the music itself spans only the last few years, it would be sufficient to say that this album is the culmination of almost 2
decades of work. So much history in one project, this is without doubt Gremlinz & Jesta's biggest and finest triumph.
First meeting as teenagers in the multicultural streets of Toronto, the duo were both already well exposed to the world of raving and
jungle music in particular. It wasn't until years later however, following Jesta's slight hiatus, that they would hook back up and form
what would eventually become an alias at the very heart of Metalheadz.
Their first appearance on the label as Gremlinz & Jesta wouldn't come until 2018 but it wasn't long before talk of an album gathered
pace. Prior to then they had been meeting at a staple Chinese restaurant, Lee Garden, in downtown Toronto where they would
discuss not only music and writing
ideas but also life. The spot became a permanent fixture in their calendar and following its closure in 2017, the pair affectionately
became known as 'The Lee Garden Historical Preservation Society' as a way to keep those special days alive. It's from that fondly
remembered and much missed period in their lives that the album justly takes its name.

The music itself is prime rufige throughout, opening with the desolate wasteland that is 'The Lost' before hurtling into headline tracks
such as the ravenous 'Destro' and the pitch-black setting of 'Ice Squirrels'.
Inspired by 90s trip-hop, 'Vermin' is the only piece to include a vocalist in Ukrainian born flowanastasia, with her haunting rendition
being a standout feature on the album, Further musical influences are found in 'Andromeda' where the black jazz inspiration is strong,
and 'Into Void' which expertly realigns the vibes of an early 2000s stepper. Refusing to compromise on quality at any point 'The
Scarlet Gospels' is another offering that sees the duo experiment with themes of horror, with plenty more to discover across the 13
As the album progresses Gremlinz & Jesta's intentions are clear. They always set out to create a journey, one with both ups and
downs, from feeling lost at the outset to covering rage and peace and then back to fury and serenity. An album for the ages and one
we're proud to house on Metalheadz.
Gremlinz & Jesta's 'The Lee Garden Historical Preservation Society' album is out on all vinyl and digital stores from 16 February 2024.

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