CD released: Jun 16, 2023

1. Down Like Rain
2. Another Daybreak
3. Lost Horizon
4. Right Here Right Now
5. In My Dreams
6. Down The Road
7. Tales Of No Tomorrow
8. Lightning Strikes
9. Where Is The Love
10. The Unknown
11. No Contact
12. Into The Fire
13. Carry On
Cat No: NDRE050
Barcode: 8716059015477
Packaging: CD Regular

Gilgamesj was formed in 1975 in the Dutch city of Leerdam. That makes it one of the oldest
bands in The Netherlands.
Gilgamesj started as a more melodic band, but soon they changed their musical course to
hardrock. During the eighties, the band played a lot of gigs had a very solid live reputation.
They even had their own fanclub. The focus of Gilgamesj in that time was always on their
live performances, alone or supporting well known band like Vandenberg, Helloise, Herman
Brood and also the Canadian Pat Travers Band.
With the latter they even performed in Paradiso Amsterdam. In that period also the use of
keyboards was introduced permanently in the line-up.
As the focus was more on playing live, Gilgamesj appeared mainly on collaborate LP's and
CD's. The one exception was the well known "Take One" EP from 1984. in 1995 the band
stopped and played a farewell concert in Leerdam.
In 2009 however, 3 members of the old line-up decided to use the name Gilgamesj again, as
they were continuously asked to play old Gilgamesj songs. At the same time, the idea was
born to make an album with the Gilgamesj songs that were still on the setlist. To preserve
the legacy.
Recordings for that album, that was named "Another Daybreak", referring to one of the
songs on the "Take One" EP, started in 2013 in the homestudio of one of the members.
Drums were separately recorded in The Hague, and all further recordings and mixing was
completed in 2022.
In that year "No Dust Records" was approached, resulting in the coming release of the
"Another Daybreak" LP and CD on their label. The record contains songs from all parts of the
history of the band, in the versions that they were played live in the current line-up: Frank
van Stijn (Leadvocals), Gerrie den Hartog (guitar), Sylvester van Leeuwen (guitar), Chris van
Hoogdalem (keyboards), René Sterk (Bass) and Rob Boshuizen (drums).