CD released: Sep 04, 2015

1. Raw
2. PJM
3. Neptune Sun
4. Alight
5. Pareidolia
6. Twelve Twenty
7. Gemini Rise
8. 4BV
9. For Naught
10. Bye, Love
Cat No: KLP260CD
Barcode: 789856126026
Packaging: CD Regular

Created in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Jem Marie as a solo project, the Ghost Ease evolved into a Portland, OR-based three-piece with the addition of drummer Nsayi Matingou in 2012 and bassist Laurence Vidal in 2014. The Ghost Ease's woozy and vivid self-titled debut was released on Talking Helps in 2013 before the trio partnered with Cabin Games for the powerful/seething Quit Yer Job EP (May 2015) and upcoming Steve Fisk-recorded full-length - aptly titled RAW - due out September 2015. RAW is simultaneously heavy and ethereal like an amethyst raincloud. The 10 tracks ebb and flow from softened layers of melody to frenetic shreds of distortion. Matingou's drumming moves nimbly while Vidal's bass ensures the album's swirling moments crash comfortably into the angular grunge freakouts. The dreamy intensity of Marie's guitar sounds are neatly woven around her voice. Her lilting cadence casts the album's moods like spells. From the tuneful crusher "PJM" to the swelling of "Gemini Rise" and the majestic piano of "Bye, Love," RAW embodies its name.