LP released: Sep 22, 2023

1. Jack?
2. Favourite Memory
3. Composition 001
4. Sweet
5. Memories Talk
6. Reverse Landscape
7. Syncopate
8. Un
9. Rear View Spectate-or
10. Lesser You
11. Because I

Debut album Blind at The Age of Four is the first full-scale entry into the anachronistic world of Jack Warne's GAUNT -
a world of music, technological experimentation and visual art that has been building since his days at the Royal College of Art, where
he first began to combine his talents as a designer and visual artist. Following early releases ETB I&II and 'Raw Cartoon' (which
featured on Leon Vynehall's fabric Presents compilation), Blind at The Age of Four is a bold and audacious introduction. The album is
built from ever-shifting loops of experimental electronics and accompanied by surreal, uncanny visuals, all created by Warne through
both analogue and new technology, across augmented reality, 3D Rendering, drawing and digital painting techniques. This is all
bound together in a digitally rendered suit of Armour.

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