2LP released: Aug 30, 2024

Side A
1. Brownswood Rockers / Golden Shovel (Somebody Else's Idea)
2. Dancin' Your Own Time
3. Limebike Getaway
4. General Rubbish Vs The Sportswear Mystics
5. Tottenham
Side B
1. Crow Foot Hustling
2. Numbers Click
3. Circles Going Round The Sun
4. Golden Shovel 2 (Somebody Else'S Idea)
Side C
1. Jazz
2. Halfway Somewhere
3. Of Peace
4. Move As One...
5. In The Brakes
Side D
1. 57th Min / Power And Glory
2. Kingsland Road
3. Cabin Fever Dub
4. Euston Warehouse
5. Pleasure, Joy & Happiness
Barcode: 5060180326661
Packaging: 2LP

Almost three decades on from their last release, Acid Jazz forefathers Galliano are back with news of their new LP
'Halfway Somewhere' which is being released on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings on 30 August.

Born out of London's underground clubs and warehouse parties of the mid to late eighties, with the debut single on the Acid Jazz
label in 1988, Galliano came out of a culture that spanned music, dance, fashion, art, design, and the written word.
When they arrived as the first act on Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label in 1990 with 'Welcome to the Story' (produced by Chris
Bangs who invented the term Acid Jazz) dressed in Gabicci sweaters, beads and skullcaps they captured a scene built on re-invention.
"We were all playing around with what we could get our hands on whether that was a seventies book on Jamaican style or old Last
Poets and Watts Prophets records," says Gallagher. "We'd been recycling things for a few years but suddenly everything had
coalesced and you've got an amalgam that seemed quite solid."
For their first album since 1997, Rob Gallagher and his partner, vocalist Valerie Etienne, are joined by Galliano stalwarts Ernie McKone
on bass, Crispin Taylor on drums, and Ski Oakenfull on keys (with guests including saxophonist Jason Yarde and percussionist Crispin
'Spry' Robinson).
Where the old Galliano recycled records they heard at clubs, today they are responding to the kaleidoscopic global jazz scene - from
Total Refreshment Centre in London to International Anthem in Chicago. More than forty years since they came together, Galliano are
still only 'Halfway Somewhere', but listening to the album they are obviously having fun getting there. "I think the stars have to be
aligned when you redo things," says Gallagher. "Coming at it from this door is very different to the door we came into back then. But
once it's existing it is something. But I'm still not sure what that something is."

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