CD released: Jan 26, 2024

1. Eternal Light Eternal Night
2. Sorrow Was Her Name
3. True Bearings
4. Dead Air
5. Battered & Bruised
6. Time Is No Excuse
7. Survival
Cat No: DVP276CD
Barcode: 4056813581287
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly demanded repress of True
Bearings, the debut album by Canadian FREEWAYS, on CD, 12' vinyl and music cassette
CANADIAN HEAVY ROCK…WITH A NWOBHM VIBE! Indeed, Freeways are a breath of fresh,
northern air. Honoring the mystical undercurrents of so much classic Canadian rock of the
past, the quartet’s foundation is firm upon the hot-rockin’ dynamics of ’70s giants like UFO,
Thin Lizzy, and April Wine along with the idiosyncratic twists of the unsung heroes of the
NWOBHM and pub rock eras. It’s a sound that’s immediately familiar but also immediately
engaging, so richly rendered are these soul-stirring odes to wanderlust, melancholia, and
'Survival' itself.
Originally released in 2020 on Canadian Temple of Mystery Records, the album quickly sold
out and together with their many great live performances, cemented FREEWAYS as one of
the most exciting acts in the contemporary heavy rock scene.
True Bearings roves wild terrain, its push ‘n’ pull stirs the spirit, but never belabors the point;
each of these seven streamlined songs is anchored to a plaintive, poignant hook, tastefully
embellished with subtly delicate touches that proves Freeways as masters of mood. The
quartet’s interplay is untouchable here, given that their chosen idiom is the more-or-less
hard(er) end of rock, exhibiting class and poise every step of the way, but perhaps no better
evinced than on the near-seven-minute vamp of 'Time is No Excuse.' Thus, space and
shade AND rocking hard and free coexist in the Freeways world, and the 37-minute True
Bearings is a highway worth cruising time and time again.

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