5CD released: Jul 28, 2023

Disc 1
1. Relation
2. 2.We Say No
3. 3.Attraction (Black On White/with You)
4. 4.Childhood Reflection
5. 5.To Be Free
6. 6.The Truth Is Plain To See
7. 7.The Better Side
8. Born Again
9. 9.Decidedly Man
10. 10.Seeing Is Believing
11. 11.The Butt Of Deception
12. 12.You Won't Miss
13. 13.The Game Is Over
14. 14.The Better Side (Early Mix, Single Vocal)
15. The Butt Of Deception (Early Mix)
16. 16.Born Again ('dry' Version)
17. 17.Where Will You Be Tonight (Uk Single Version)
18. 18.Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You (Uk Single Version)
19. Where Will You Be Tonight (Extended Version)
20. 20.Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You (Extended Version)
21. 21.Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You (Demo Version)
Disc 2
1. Enchanted Wood
2. 2.Deep Down In The Bottom
3. 3.Have Love, Will Travel
4. 4.Cry Baby Cry
5. Time Of The Season
6. 6.Hoodoo Man
7. 7.Built For Comfort
8. 8.Fly
9. Never Loved A Girl
10. My Life
11. 11.Can't Stay With Me
12. Dusty Track
13. 13.Kandy Kay
14. 14.Escape While You Can
Disc 3
1. 1.Nobody
2. 2.In Search Of Something
3. 3.Dusty Track
4. 4.Man Made Laws
5. Ain't No Chance To Score
6. 6.Pretty Woman
7. 7.Freedom
8. 8.Frustrated Woman (Aka Dirty Water)
9. 9.Nobody (Edited Single Version)
10. Frustrated Woman (Aka Dirty Water) (Single Version)
Disc 4
1. 1.Freestone
2. 2.Through The Years
3. Get Yourself Together
4. 4.London City
5. 5.Thanks
6. 6.Toe Grabber
Disc 5
1. 1.Together
2. 2.Miss Little Louise
3. 3.Sweaty Feet
4. 4.Brainbox Jam
5. 5.Direction
6. 6.Going Down
7. 7.Dream
8. 8.Ladybird
Barcode: 5013929193307
Packaging: 5CD Regular Box Set

First-ever complete anthology of splinter group from the original Procol Harum line-up. Includes all five of the band's albums plus singles, out-takes and alternative versions. Just as 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' was establishing itself as the definitive summer-of-1967 hit, new kids on the block Procol Harum acrimoniously parted company with guitarist Ray Royer and drummer Bobby Harrison. Royer and Harrison used their Procol pay-off to assemble a new band that they pointedly christened Freedom. The original Freedom line-up recorded the soundtrack for lurid Italian art-house film Nerosubianco (AKA Black And White) as well as issuing a couple of non-album singles before a dissatisfied Harrison put together a revised power trio line-up. The new-look Freedom made a second album, 'Freedom At Last', that also failed to gain a UK release before moving on from their original psychedelic sound to adopt a heavier, bluesier approach. After three further albums (including two for Vertigo) and tours with Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull, Harrison pulled the plug in late 1972 in order to become frontman for Snafu. 'Born Again: The Complete Recordings 1967-72' collects all of Freedom's work In one handy package, with the band's five albums joined by stand-alone singles, alternative versions and out-takes. Housed in a stylish clamshell box, the package features miniature facsimile covers of all five albums as well as numerous rare photos and a new 5000 word essay on the band