LP released: Feb 16, 2024

1. Lord Of The Night Sky
2. Mortal Giants
3. Black Cat
4. Sword And Shield
Cat No: DVP278LP
Barcode: 4056813618440
Packaging: LP (100g)

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Gathered Under Open Skies, a special
split mini-album between Germany’s FIRMAMENT and MIDNIGHT PREY, on CD and 12' vinyl
Gathered Under Open Skies is indeed a special gathering, bringing together two forces that
have become something like flagship bands for DYING VICTIMS: old 'newcomers'
FIRMAMENT and the reunited MIDNIGHT PREY. This special mini-album includes two brandnew
tracks from both bands, totaling 23 minutes of vintage rock/metal moodiness.
FIRMAMENT continue their ascent following their widely acclaimed We Don’t Rise, We Just
Fall debut earlier this year, having largely risen from the ashes of speed metallers Tension
but bringing a different approach with them. Here, with new vocalist Marco, the five-piece
further flesh out that velvety vision, taking turn-of-the-‘80s hard rock (and even a touch of
equally early deathrock) down roads much more melancholic and emotive. You might even
shed a tear while rocking out to their two fistbangers here; wherever you wanna go,
FIRMAMENT will take you there. And tears may’ve been shed when MIDNIGHT PREY initially
called it a day in 2020, but as of last year, the power-trio are back in action and, this summer,
released a two-song tape to pick up right where they left off with their modern-classic
Uncertain Times LP. Those two songs are provocatively titled – 'Black Cat' and 'Sword and
Shield' – and between them, MIDNIGHT PREY keep that clean-yet-dirty surge that’s equal
parts punk, rock, and metal but totally unique. And considering the epic lengths these two
tracks go to, the future suggests more splendors to come…
Graced with gorgeous cover art, Gathered Under Open Skies is a borderless realm where
hard rockers, punks, metalheads, and general weirdoes can all roam. FIRMAMENT and
MIDNIGHT PREY care nothing for genre limitations, and together invite you into their idyll.