LP released: Apr 09, 2021

1. Bye Bye Bye
2. Tale Of My Lost Love
3. You Need Me
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Baby Buggy
6. Stop And Think It Over
7. I'm Gonna Make It
8. Explain Why
9. Tying The Leaves
10. Coast To Coast
11. There's A Rainbow
12. Sooner Or Later
13. Here Comes The Night
14. Till The Moon Don't Shine
15. In The Moonlight
16. Someone Lock Me Up
17. Chinchilla Hat
Cat No: NUM073LP
Barcode: 825764107310
Packaging: LP Regular

Behold the Female Species! A once-in-a-decade discovery of two sisters, married to music for life, always charging forward, indefatigable, indomitable, at last seen and heard. From their origins as the archetypal mid-'60s southern California girl group to their destiny as top-flight songwriters in the '80s and '90s Nashville country-industrial complex, Vicki and Ronni Gossett have never been much further than 20 feet from stardom. Fifty-five years into their remarkable story, Tale Of My Lost Love is the Gossetts' debut album-an ode to what could have been, and still might be.
Tale of My Lost Love is the whole story from beginning
to end of two sisters who gave everything to their
dream, yet never made a single record... until now.
Sometimes great music just isn't enough to break
through - until it is. Numero Group is thrilled and
proud, at long last, to introduce Female Species.